Our Mission And Vision

At smile for a reason our mission/goal is to help at least 30-40 unprivileged people per month (the number will gradually increase with time).Our main focus at Smile For A Reason will be to help the special and unprivileged children with helping them with there over all day to day need. For example-

  • Medical check ups/treatment
  • Educational needs
  • Clothes
  • Hygienic food

Why We Want To Help Them?

We want to help them because We feel really sad when see them suffering due to poverty. Also We want to give them education and greater platforms to work in future by improving there school facilities We will also try to motivate the teacher by letting them know how much they are suffering from poverty

How This All Started?

All this started in 2016 when I, a 11 year old boy , went for a Christmas lunch with my family. While driving towards the venue I saw a child approximately 5 years old, begging at the red light . As the child approached me in the car I first ignored him then the child pointed out to the chocolate kept on the seat.I instantly gave him the Chocolate & I was totally touched by the happiness I saw on the boys face .
I then decided that I will save some money from my pocket money every month & will distribute chocolate every year. With the help of my family members, I collected some more money & bought woollen caps & woollen gloves for Kids to give them warmth ,happiness & cheered them up.

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