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Smile for a Reason is first event “CHRISTMAS PARTY ” with the kids of Shiksharth School ( AID Gurgaon NGO) ,
Ramlila Ground kanahi Village , sector 45,
Gurugram ,

Christmas cheer and spirit came in with the Joy of Giving, filling each heart with the love and kindness for others.
Smile & the joy on the faces of the kids said it all . It was an absolute pleasure to see the kids enjoying the Christmas party with games like passing the parcel , puppet show & then kids dancing to the Christmas carols & getting there Christmas gifts. We tried to get the true cheers & spirit of Christmas amongst the kids from the under privileged background at the Shiksharth School ,Gurugram. Hope we can do more such events to get more Sparkle & Shine with a Special Smile on all the innocent faces.

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